</Project Highlight> - Introduction

</Project Highlight> - Introduction

You are the sum total of everything you've ever seen, heard, eaten, smelled, been told, forgot - it's all there. Everything influences each of us, and because of that, I try to make sure that my experiences are positive.

Maya Angelou

You have to start somewhere, right?

The first pitch to start your baseball career. The first push of the gas pedal at your driver’s license exam. The first stroke of the brush on your masterpiece painting.

For me, this is the start of a series of posts aimed to showcase the pieces of code that I consider my works of art. Lines carefully thought of and variables so gently assigned. Processes with endless opportunities for innovation but consistently resulting in seamless implementation.

Like most artists, some of my work is currently in production while some is waiting for edits in a GitHub repository. All of them will forever be a work in progress. After all, works of art never stop evolving do they? As I create and maintain more projects, this space's purpose is to highlight past, present, and future projects in the Travis Tech agenda.

Since starting my career in 2018 at a great company in Delaware, I have been diving into numerous technologies in the full-stack web development sphere. My new technologies by year are as follows:


  • Java

  • Java Script

  • Angular

  • Jenkins

  • Team City

  • Heroku

  • Bash

  • Git/GitHub

  • Spring / Spring Boot

  • Tomcat servers


  • Tensor flow AI

  • Spring Batch

  • Azure Integration with Spring Apps

  • Revisiting WordPress

  • Learning Elementor

  • Weblogic servers


  • Blockchain

  • EVM Programming

  • Solidity

  • Truffle/Ganache

  • React

  • Gatsby

  • AWS

  • Docker

  • Red Hat OpenShift

  • Netlify


  • Webflow

  • Tailwind CSS

  • Payment processing services

  • Strapi CMS

  • WordPress Headless CMS

  • Exploring Rust

  • Exploring Flutter

  • Exploring Dart


  • Next.js

  • GCP

  • Spring Reactor

  • Exploring Dart again

  • Exploring Rust again

  • Exploring Golang

  • Fastapi

  • Redis


  • More GCP

  • ChatGPT

  • Open AI

  • Unity / VR Development

  • In-Depth System Design

  • And More!

Different technologies throughout my career have served their purpose and work well when applied correctly. Some I realized were only good to utilize in small projects. Some were super powerful in a variety of applications. Some just needed some good ol’ fashioned RTFM!

A good amount of these technologies were self-taught. I mostly learned by getting my hands dirty in side projects on top of my full-time job. Some were projects that were for fun, including a hackathon hosted at my current place of employment, and some projects were paid gigs. Regardless of the motivation for creation, it was a learning experience nonetheless.

If I could offer one piece of advice...


One day in 2019, a year after I graduated from a coding boot camp called Zip Code Willmington, I decided to do just that.

Some of my first projects involved Spring, Angular, and WordPress. As my career progressed, I had the opportunity to implement more technologies that I had read about and see firsthand how they behave in production-ready systems.

Throughout the next month or so, I will be adding posts to this series where I dive into details of each project I have worked on and projects that are currently brewing. Look out for updates and enjoy the journey!